Cricket Technique Thermal brushes 350 - 1.5"

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You will love the Technique™ Thermals range of brushes for your hair extensions and human hair wigs.  The 1.5" barrel gives you the fresh and sexy movement  you have come to love in the studio. 

These brushes feature ionic bristles that infuse moisture into the hair shaft and scalp. Heat resistant static free bristles eliminate fly away hair and create a smooth finish. They utilise an antimicrobial protection against bacteria growth and they have a handy hair sectioning pick that helps to pick up sections of your hair for a professional blow out.  The pick is conveniently stored in the base of the soft suede-like grip.

Key Features:

Tourmaline ionic bristles infuse moisture into the hair shaft and scalp.

Static free
The Technique thermal now carries special static free resins that eliminate fly-away hair—so you can style with more precision and control.

Heat resistant bristles
New, heat-resistant bristles withstand even the highest blow-dry settings.

Seamless barrel
The seamless thermal barrel is a classic Technique feature, and your assurance against hair breakage. No seam, no snags.

Suede-rubber grip
The newly engineered rubber grip is now longer in length offering better balance and lighter weight. The suede-rubber finish and signature rubber ridges guarantee supreme styling control.

Sectioning pick
Allows for more accurate sectioning while styling. Neatly tucked inside the handle, it also allows for flexible storage either upright or hanging.

Antibacterial protection
Built-in Microban antibacterial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria in plastic. Under normal use and cleaning conditions the Microban protection in the Technique brush is designed to last the life of the product.