Men's Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

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Receive the perfect mix of products developed specifically for dry, damaged hair. Nutrifuse for Men is blended with a fresh and crisp fragrance that keeps your hair feeling fresh and smelling great all day long. Restore shine to dull, lifeless strands with this power-packed bundle.

Sulfate-Free. Paraben-Free.

The Men's Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle includes one of each:

10 fl. oz. Nourishing Shampoo

  • A super-hydrating shampoo that provides a thorough cleanse, while adding a boost of Keratin and Collagen for increased hair strength and thickness. It removes product buildup but is gentle enough for everyday use.

10 fl. oz. Moisture-Rich Conditioner

  • Packed with natural ingredients designed to nourish, condition, and restore damaged, fragile hair. Formulated to wash away clean, it delivers a natural shine and prevents breakage for super-strong hair.