Hairskeen Brush

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The Hairskeen Brush is specifically designed for your Hairskeen hair system, Wig, Crown Extension, Topper, or hair extension to give you soft smooth hair again!

  • reduces hair breakage
  • comfortable soft bristles
  • removes microtangles
  • conforms to the shape of your scalp
  • designed for hair systems and other added hair solutions
  • stimulates the scalp

Its design molds and flexes to the curvature of your head for smooth action, easily and quickly removing microtangles whilst reducing hair stretching (yes, brushing your hair can stretch which may cause hair breakage) and hair breakage. 

"It's like a shock absorber for your hair!" 

The Hairskeen Brush provides the perfect amount of pressure and stimulation, not hurting your Hairskeen system and not tearing at your hair like rigid brushes.

The Hairskeen Brush can be used on all hair lengths.


Check out how we use the Hairskeen Brush in our YouTube tutorial.