BioTHIK Value Pack (28g Bottle + Locking Mist 50ml)

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Biothik Hair Fibres (28g) + Locking mist (50ml)

Enjoy thicker fuller hair today with Biothik Hair Fibres.  In our starter kit you receive a 3 month supply of BioTHIK fibres (28g) plus BioTHIK Locking Mist (50ml).  The Locking mist is specially designed to add extra security for the hair fibres, it 'locks' them in place.  It is also a proven product to amplify and hold fine, limp hair all day long. 

BioTHIK is the ultimate hair thickening product for thin and thinning hair.  It will instantly make your hair look up to 150% thicker in less than 30 seconds. Used by thousands of people world wide, isn't it time you started enjoying the confidence of thicker hair again?

BioTHIK creates instantly thicker hair through microscopic natural keratin hair fibres that naturally and securely attached to your own hair through the power of electrostatic magnetism.  It makes each hair strand appear thicker and healthier.

BioTHIK is scientifically tested & proven to have the strongest electrostatic charge among all leading Keratin hair fibres, this means it won't fall out of your hair.  This charge is strong and secure meaning they will stay in your hair all day long and it won't fall out until you wash or brush them out. It also means that you won't use as much product to achieve that 'all day' thicker hair result!

It’s all natural, botanically based with no side effects; this makes it ideal for all hair and scalp types. BioTHIK is completely safe and works well with hair transplants.

BioTHIK 28g should last about 3 months with regular usage.

Buy BioTHIK today and start enjoying the confidence of thicker and fuller hair immediately!