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“By far, the best hair thickening product I have used.”

—Stef G. BioTHIK Starter Pack Customer

Starter Kit: Biothik Hair Fibres (28g) + Locking mist (50ml)

Enjoy thicker, fuller hair in 30 seconds with Biothik Hair Fibres!

The most reliable and natural looking hair thickening fibres available.  Scientifically proven to have the bonding strength to you own hair, they won't fall out with wind or rain so you can feel confident all day long! 

The added Locking Mist is specially designed to add extra security for the hair fibres, it 'locks' them in place.  It is also a proven product to amplify, volumise and hold fine, limp hair in place all day long. 

Total Value:  $106.00  You save:  $36.05


***BioTHIK is having a makeover! New packaging is now being stocked, along with a new formulation for improved results! We are currently in the process of selling through old packaging and getting the new images online, packaging received in some orders may differ to the product images currently online***

Instantly Thick Full Hair
The search for a hair thickening product that actually works is over! 

Millions of women and men world-wide enjoy the confidence of thicker, fuller hair through this exciting new technology.  
Hollywood's Best Kept Hair Secret
Hair Fibre technology originated in Hollywood and has been perfected by BioTHIK research labs. You too can now create a thick hairline and boost the volume of your hair in an instant just like the celebrities of the silver screen.
Perfectly Natural.  Naturally Thick Hair.

"It's like adding extra hair into your own hair!"
~ Sarah J.

Instantly thick, full, head of hair can be yours with BioTHIK.
BioTHIK Hair Building Fibres successfully replicates your own growing hair through it's key ingredient, natural & high quality keratin.   It looks just like your hair becuase it is the  the same type of protein found in real hair. 

Undetectable, Realistic, Natural
"It looks like my hair has grown back - it's so natural"

BioTHIK hair fibres are microscopic in size and totally undetectable, even from as close as two inches away and under close inspection.  
Quick & Easy Application
"30 Second Transformation"

Simply shake the fibres into your hair and they will quickly settle and blend into your own hair - less is best.  You will see the amazing transformation from thin to thicker hair in 30 seconds.   

BioTHIK fibres are available in 11 colours that are matched the most common natural hair colours.   They integrate and blend with your own hair to create a perfect and natural look.  
Strong & Secure In Wind and Rain
BioTHIK fibres are scientifically infused with a strong static charge that creates a magnetic effect securely binding them to even the finest strands of human hair. 

Even in strong wind and rain or during vigorous excercise the fibres will remain secure and not come out of your own hair.  
Change your Hair. Change Your life!
Watch the movie, see the results!
The results have changed the lives of millions of women and men from those struggling with fine or thinning hair to those with Alopecia, undergoing chemotherapy or the effects of post partum hair loss (after pregnancy hair loss)

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