Biothik Hair Growth Serum - Folliplus Factor - for Her

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A breakthrough in hair loss management:

  • Stimulates Hair Growth, Reduces Hair Fall
  • Swiss Apple cells delay hair follicle ageing
  • Pea Peptides - 92% increase in hair growth factors (VEGF)
  • 7.9% Increase in number hairs in growing phase
  • 28.3% Decrease in number of hairs in 'falling out' phase
  • Easy application
  • Clear Non-Greasy, clear, light, absorbs quickly into skin.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Benefits

  • Promotes Hair Growth Factors by 92% (VEGF)
  • Anti-Aging - delays aging of hair follicle
  • Keeps your hair looking Younger, Stronger & Healthier

Pea Sprout Extract Benefits:

  • Stimulates Active Hair Growth
  • Restores Hair Regeneration to Normal Level by 78%

Dramatically Improves Hair Growth Life Cycle

Overall Results: More Hair Growing for longer, less hair falling out
  • Reactivates Hair Growth
  • Decreases Telogen Hair by 28.3% (falling out phase of hair)
  • Increases Anagen Hair by 7.9% (growing hair phase)
  • Regenerates 78% of Hair to Normal Hair Growth Levels 

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